The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window
Mongkol Cinema | 102 นาที | วันเข้าฉาย : 13/05/21
ผู้กำกับ : ยูกิฮิโระ โมริงากิ (Yukihiro Morigaki)
มาซากิ โอกาดะ (Masaki Okada)
จุน ชิซง (Jun Shison)
ยูรินะ ฮินาเตะ (Yurina Hirate)
เคนอิจิ ทาคิโตะ (Kenichi Takito)
ยูกิ ซากุราอิ (Yuki Sakurai)
มากิตะ สปอร์ตส (Makita Sports)
ชินยะ นิอิโระ (Shinya Niiro)
เอมิ วากุอิ (Emi Wakui)
มิชิทากะ ซึซึอิ (Michitaka Tsutsui)
เคโกะ คิตางาวะ (Keiko Kitagawa)

The mystery of the serial murder case brought to the psychic detective Buddy, Cold River Triangle. What is the surprising truth hidden in the mysterious message left by the dead?


Kosuke Triangle (Jun Shison), who works at a bookstore, has been suffering from the idiosyncratic nature of ghosts since he was a child.
One day, a spiritual master, Masato Coldkawa (Masaki Okada) appears at a bookstore. With one word, “I’m not scared,” Triangle decides to work with Hiekawa on spiritual removal work.


Meanwhile, the detective Hanzawa (Kenichi Takito) offers to cooperate in the investigation of the unsolved murder case that occurred a year ago. Hiekawa and Triangle, who are investigating, eventually meet the spirit of the criminal who committed suicide. When Hiekawa touches the triangle, the situation at the time of the crime emerges like a flashback, and the voice of the criminal who resents echoes.


Based on the information seen through the spirit of the criminal, Erika Nonura (Yurina Hirate), a high school girl who manipulates the curse, appears in front of the two who approach the truth.


Who is <Hiura Erica>? What is the relationship with the serial murder case?


The two try to unravel the mystery of the message from the dead, and eventually arrive at the astonishing truth that also affects their own destiny.